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At PNT Research, we know that every step of product development is interrelated, contributing to the success of product in the market.  We approach product development holistically, by getting it done right the first time, saving you precious time, money, and resources.

Our approach is holistic

Our experts develop dietary supplement and functional food products in the global markets by applying the most up-to-date science and innovation, insightful understanding of markets and success-proven processes accelerating¬† clients’ time-to-market and ROI.

Our Turn-key Services

We offer a one-stop solution of product development services:

  • product conceptualization
  • product strategy
  • product formulation
  • prototyping
  • product scale-up
  • material sourcing
  • supplier qualification
  • manufacturer selection
  • production and process control
  • technical transfer

We apply agile product development processes to bring ideas to market quickly, efficiently, and successfully.

Product Strategy

Designed for your success.

Create successful strategy to pinpoint niche market, edges your core competence, and improves product portfolio’s performance.

Count on the experts at PNT Research as your comprehensive solution to get your products to market faster. Get on-demand expertise to accelerate your product design and market launch, access global markets, reduce costs, and mitigate risks. Our consultants are available when you need them, whatever your needs.

Product Formulation

For optimisation of formulations for nutrigenomics derived health products.

Experienced formulators develop formulas aligning with your product strategy, support your product claims, and keep your cost in control. Our formulators also ensure the safety, efficacy, regulatory compliance, and robust processing of the formulas.

Product Specifications

We evaluate products across many industries for design, safety, market demand, and regulatory compliance.

Knowing the attributes necessary for safety, quality, regulatory compliance, and customer requirements, we establish relevant specifications for raw materials, in-process and finished products, ensuring the integrity of products and saving costs from unnecessary testing.

Our expertise helps reduce your business risks and identify potential hazards, by evaluating manufacturing sites and warehouses for compliance with specifications and applicable regulations. And by evaluating or pre-qualifying your supplier’s capabilities, quality control systems, manufacturing process management, and operating procedures, PNT Research ensures your quality specifications are understood and met.

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